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Reasons to Use Concrete Drilling in Home Renovations

If you are planning home renovations, you may already have several contractors in mind. For example, you may have a bathroom contractor and a kitchen contractor in mind to handle specific upgrades in each room. A concrete contractor may not be on your initial list, even though most renovations will need concrete drilling or other concrete services. Here are reasons you will need to use concrete drilling in your home renovation and why you need a concrete contractor for these services.

Basement Plumbing

One of the most common areas that will require concrete drilling is in the basement. This drilling is usually related to plumbing needs. For example, you may be upgrading your water heater as part of the home renovations. The water heater may have larger plumbing outlets than your previous model. If this is the case, you will need to have the concrete drilling to enlarge the plumbing holes and connection areas. You will also need to have the concrete drilling performed to smooth out the areas so there are no cracks in the concrete that may allow for water damage.

Concrete Drainage

One of the areas that may be discussed during home renovations is drainage. You may find that you have areas of your home that have standing water, improper drainage or slow drainage. If this is the case, these issues can lead to water damage and erosion. Proper concrete drilling and placement can help with drainage and moving water away from the home. These drainage areas can be drilled in and around the basement flooring and foundation. In some cases, drainage areas are drilled into the foundation walls. Concrete drilling can also be used on driveways and sidewalks to help with drainage during rainy seasons where flooding may be increased.

Foundation Wiring

As part of the renovations, you may be upgrading your residential cabling and data lines. This project helps to update your internet access and wireless, and it hides your wires for your different power sources leading into your home. In some cases, this may require concrete drilling to help create hidden wiring areas and cabling routes. The concrete drilling may lead into the floors of the home, through concrete walls, and into the foundation or basement.

If you find that you will need concrete drilling for your renovations, make sure you have a concrete contractor on your hire list. Discuss your plans with your contractor to ensure that the drilling is scheduled around other tasks. The concrete contractor can also help with pricing and scheduling other concrete related services you may need.