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Three Landscaping Tips To Help Attract Birds To Your Garden

Have you ever noticed that some gardens are a bird magnet, yet in other gardens, you would be lucky to scavenge up a stray feather? The difference between the two often comes down to landscape planning. As someone who wants to attract more birds to their garden to keep the creepy crawly population down, you are excited to use your upcoming holiday time to re-landscape this area. But, you are not 100% sure where to start with the changes needed. These three landscaping tips are simple ways you can attract more birds into your garden space.

Plant Trees

If you don't have too many trees in your garden, then this is one reason why birds don't stop by to visit. Trees provide a place for birds to nest and bring up their young. Trees are also insect attractants, and that means a food source for your birds. Additionally, trees provide a water source for birds, as rainwater pools on the leaves. Nectar from tree flowers and sap from the tree bark are additional bird food sources. So choose native trees, like gum and wattle trees, to attract native birds to your home.

Water Source

While water does pool in tree leaves, you could also consider providing an additional water source for your feathered friends. As you are prepared to change your landscaping, dig up an area to incorporate a water fountain or a fish pond in your garden. Both of these water features have moving water, so you won't have a stagnant smelly pond which attracts mosquitoes. Instead, you'll have moving, fresh water, which is the perfect drinking source for birds.


One of a bird's most dangerous enemies is the domestic house cat. If you have not fully fenced your garden, then now is the time to tackle this task. Consider installing a fence which cats cannot climb easily. A metal sheet fence, for example, is a good choice because cats cannot get their claws into the sheets. If you find cats are still getting over the top of the fence, look for the entry source. An overhanging tree branch is one way they may be getting near your bird haven.

Talk to your local landscaper about other ways to make your garden more attractive to birds. They know all the tips and tricks which suit your location, and with a few changes to your landscaping design, you will soon find yourself being visited daily by flocks of pretty, vibrant, chatty birdlife.