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4 Reasons to Hire Self-Servicing Portable Toilets Instead of Mains-Connected

When you're hiring a portable toilet for your construction site, there are a few things you'll need to think about. However, probably the most important is whether to pick self-servicing or mains-connected units.

As you can probably guess, a main-connected portable toilet is connected to the current sewage system. In contrast, a self-servicing portable toilet flushes waste into a tank that can removed and emptied once the tank is full.

While both options have their own pros and cons, most people end up considering self-servicing portable toilets the best option, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Easier to Install

The most obvious drawback with mains-connected portable toilets is that they do take some work to set up. Connecting a toilet to the mains isn't a walk in the park, and you'll have to disconnect and reconnect whenever you need to move them around your site as the construction work evolves. In contrast, self-servicing portable toilets can be put right down and used immediately. When you need to move them around, you don't need to worry about anything more than transportation.

2. Can Be Placed Anywhere

Okay, maybe you're fine having to disconnect and reconnect a mains-connected portable toilet whenever it needs to be moved. The problem is, you'll be restricted as to where that unit can go – if there's no access to the mains, they aren't going to work. A self-servicing portable toilet doesn't suffer from the same issue, since they don't need to be placed somewhere with access to anything external.

3. Lower Cost

How much you pay for portaloo hire will depend on several factors. However, in most cases, you're going to find that mains-connected portable toilets cost more to hire than self-servicing models. If you want to keep your costs down, choosing self-servicing models is a good place to start.

4. No Limit on Numbers

One thing that people often fail to think about when hiring mains-connected portable toilets is that they aren't ideal when you need to provide conveniences for lots of different people. Of course, this might not be a problem if you'll only ever have a few people around at once, but it grows more serious as your numbers increase. Remember, there might only be a certain number of points where you can connect to the mains, which will seriously impact the number of portable toilets that can be used. Of course, you can place an unlimited number when you choose to hire self-servicing portable toilets.