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Functional Advantages of Having Your Walls Brick Sealed

When most people think of bricklaying services, they assume that they need to have a brand new structure constructed to require them. In truth, this is not the reality. When you already have a pre-existing structure, bricklaying can help with increasing property value as well as enhancing your kerb appeal. Not to mention, a brick finish goes a long way in providing a rustic aesthetic to your property, too, which is one of the most current, sought-after trends! Additionally, brick sealing the exterior walls of your home provides you with a host of functional advantages, as illustrated below.

Preventing of efflorescence

Efflorescence is one of the biggest concerns homeowners with stone houses have, as it automatically occurs when water starts to seep into your walls. As water penetrates the walls, the salt starts to seep out, and this causes a whitish, porous substance forming on your walls ounce the moisture evaporates. Efflorescence is not only unsightly, but the process can also compromise the integrity of the walls too by dissolving the concrete. When you opt to brick-seal your walls, you prevent this process from happening, which in turn increases the longevity of your structure.

Decreased moisture penetration

If your residence does not have any siding, there will be a lot of moisture absorption in your walls whenever your location is exposed from precipitation. From rainfall to snow, your walls are perpetually exposed to a high degree of moisture, which causes the surface of your walls to develop both cosmetic as well as structural damage. Electing to brick seal your walls means that your contractors will apply an impervious coating to the bricks, too. You reduce the chance of moisture seeping into your walls from the exterior. Moreover, if your location is characterised by humidity, you inadvertently add an extra layer of protection to your structure.

Limited mould development

Moisture does not simply have an adverse impact on the structural integrity of your wall. The more moisture that seeps inside your walls, the higher the likelihood of breeding mould in your household. A mistake homeowners make is presuming mould only deteriorates that appeal of their walls. When mould goes unabated, it steadily poses a health risk to all the inhabitants in the house, too. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that the interior of your home is protected from this scourge. Having your exterior walls brick sealed can go a long way limiting the development of mould, and this retains the value of your premises.