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Top Tips During Skip Bin Hire.

A skip bin is a large metallic container that is used to dispose of rubbish. The skip bin is designed in such a way that it can be loaded onto a special truck that offloads the garbage into a landfill. As such, it is an effective waste disposal method for both homes and businesses. If you would like to hire a skip bin, the following tips should help you. 

Type of skip bin. 

There are various kinds of skip bins, hence you must ensure that the skip bin you hire is appropriate for your needs. Below are several types of skip bins:

  • Marrel skip bins. These are the most common types of skip bins. They are trapezoid shaped with an open top.
  • Hook lift skip bins. These skip bins are longer than marrel skip bins. They have low sides and a rear door to ease loading and offloading.
  • Mobile skip bins. These are smaller than marrel and hook lift skip bins. They are convenient to transport as you can load them on small trailers.
  • Skip bags are smaller than skip bins, hence more convenient to use as you can place them in areas where skip bins cannot fit. 


You will need a suitable location to place the skip bin. Place the skip in an area that the truck can access. You may require a permit from your local council if you intend to place the skip bin along a street.

Terms of hire. 

Inquire from the company on their terms of skip bin hire. For instance, 

  • How long will you have the skip bin?
  • Are there materials that you should not dump in the skip bin? Some companies prohibit people from dumping flammable liquids, paints and batteries in their skip bins.
  • What is the bin's carrying capacity? You might incur penalties for overloading the skip.
  • Are transport and disposal costs inclusive of the cost of hire? 

Filling the bin. 

A common mistake that most people make is overfilling the skip bin. Overflowing bins are difficult to transport as they will litter the environment. Besides, the driver may get arrested for the same. To make maximum use of the skip, pack your waste in such a way that you do not leave any air pockets. Break down objects with irregular shapes so that they occupy very little space in the bin.

When hiring a skip bin, consider the type of skip bin, where to place the skip bin and the terms of hire. Make maximum use of the skip, but do not overfill it.