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Choosing Suitable Trench Grate Materials for Your Driveway

Unchecked water flow from the driveway to your garage can cause extensive damage. Rainwater can flood the space and even seep into the foundation, causing structural problems. You can avoid these issues by installing a trench drain system. This structure will collect the flowing water and re-route it into a sump or other disposal feature. The primary advantage of a trench drain is the trough-like design that can handle high volumes of water. On the other hand, this means that you must install a strong grate to cover the furrow on your driveway. Here are brief descriptions of the most suitable materials for durable trench grates.


There are multiple advantages of installing fibreglass trench grates at your home. The material is essentially plastic reinforced with glass fibres, so the grate will not be vulnerable to corrosion, rusting or general water damage. This choice is particularly ideal in marine environments, where saline water might pose a problem. Fibreglass is also strong enough to support most residential vehicles without sustaining damage. Also, its lightweight nature means that installation and removal for cleaning tasks are easy.

Cast and Ductile Iron

Cast iron is a heavy-duty material, and it is suitable for making highly resilient trench grates. You should choose this metal if your driveway is exposed to heavier vehicles such as RVs and commercial trucks. Cast iron grates are highly resistant to deformation, wear and corrosion. Alternatively, you can purchase ductile iron trench grates. The material is similar to standard cast iron, but it performs better with regard to brittleness because it contains graphite nodules.

Cast Bronze

Cast bronze presents the perfect balance between performance and aesthetic appeal when used to create trench grates. This material is an alloy of copper, so it is not susceptible to corrosion unless exposed to harsh chemicals. Bronze forms a protective oxide on the external surface to prevent damage. Additionally, bronze grates are strong and less brittle than cast iron. When buying the perfect product, compare the natural and brushed satin finishes.

Galvanised Steel

Steel trench grates are strong and highly durable, and the material is relatively cheap for the average homeowner. Regrettably, this metal is highly susceptible to rusting and general corrosion. Therefore, if you decide to install steel grates as part of your driveway drainage system, ensure that they are hot-dip galvanised for better long-term performance.

It is crucial to note that there are plastic trench grates in the market, but their light-duty nature can be a significant limitation.