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A Guide on Building Inspections

A building inspection is an examination of the structural integrity and general condition of a house. When seeking building inspection services, ensure that the inspector is qualified to inspect the class of building you intend to build or purchase. In this article, you will learn the various things that will go into a building inspection report.  


Building inspection carried out during the construction phase aims at ensuring the builder is compliant with the building code. The inspector evaluates the building during critical stages such as foundation, slab and frame. Once the structure is complete, the inspector will give a certificate of occupation. 

Building inspection for finished structures

For finished structures, the building inspection will include the following:

Land inspection

The inspector evaluates the land for signs of land contamination. He or she might require records of previous contamination to determine causes and prevention measures. 


Leaking roofs and worn-out gutters may make your stay at the home uncomfortable. The inspector will examine the condition of the roof. For example, old roofs may require repainting while others may need replacement.

Hazardous materials

Some old homes contain asbestos, which is considered a health risk. If the inspector finds asbestos on the walls or roof, you should consider asbestos removal before you move into the house. 

The interior

Some of the areas that the inspector will check include the following:

  • They will check the flooring — broken tiles and worn-out carpets are a sore sight.
  • The inspector will check the condition of home systems such as air conditioning and water heaters.
  • They will evaluate the home's electrical wiring — blown fuses, hanging and frayed wires present a risk to new occupants.
  • The inspector will look for blocks in the sewage system and look at the functionality of sinks, taps and the toilet.
  • If the house has a security system, the inspector will test it to ensure its functionality.  


Pests such as termites affect the structural integrity of a house. The inspector will conduct a pest inspection in and around the house to ensure it is pest-free. Moreover, he or she will also check for pest prevention measures such as termite barriers.


The inspector will evaluate the condition of the garden. He or she will determine if the existing slope is adequate to drain water from the property. If not, he or she might recommend the use of land drainage coils. The inspector will also examine the condition of garden installations such as gazebos and swimming pools. 

A building inspection is essential as it determines whether a building is safe for occupation. It gives you the confidence to move in or purchase a property.