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Pros and cons of concrete flooring

Nowadays, many homeowners in Australia are considering concrete superior to the other types of flooring. Concrete is durable and sleek, and it enhances the appearance of the house. Apart from residential places, polished concrete floors are becoming incredibly popular in commercial buildings, communal areas and high-traffic environments. They also have a few manageable drawbacks. This guide will help you understand both the pros and cons so that you can make a wise decision.


• Easy maintenance

Concrete flooring maintenance is entirely stress-free. To prevent excess dirt accumulation, sweep or mop the floor daily. You can also decide to clean the floor once per week, but the daily sweeping keeps the concrete glossing.

• Durability

Concrete flooring is highly resilient to corrosion and other adverse effects. It can withstand high pressure from heavy objects, and this is why people use it in the high-traffic regions. Scratches do not affect the surface, and it can therefore serve you for an extended period, provided that you maintain it well.

• Versatility

You can paint, dye or stain concrete flooring with any beautiful colour to enhance its appearance. For instance, you can add texture to it or polish it to improve the shining aesthetics. You should, however, choose a professional concrete polishing person to help you change the flooring appearance.

• Many designs

There is a wide variety of concrete flooring options in the market. They come in different colours, qualities and textures, thus helping customers to make an easy decision.


• Hard

The resilience of the concrete flooring can sometimes act as a drawback, especially to people who do not like hard floors. Usually, the flooring does not give you the soft cushiony feel, and it might therefore be uncomfortable for you. You can readily resolve this drawback by using a soft mat or carpet.

• Cold

Unlike most types of flooring, a concrete polish does not retain heat for an extended period. Although this is not an issue for many people, it becomes a concern during winter or the cold seasons. To reduce the coldness, place your legs on a soft mat, or use the radiant heating cables. Installing a water heater beneath the floor would also solve the issue correctly.

Concrete polishing offers a long terms flooring solution. Its advantages outweigh the drawbacks, and that is why people use it for both interior and exterior purposes. If you need a good-looking and durable flooring, concrete polishing would be an ideal option for you.