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Does your home need a new pump?

Are you dealing with a flooded basement? Maybe your entire home has recently flooded and you need to dry it out. If you have water where it shouldn't be, the easiest way to remove it is to purchase a pump and remove the water somewhere that it can't cause further damage. Submersible Davey pumps are often ideal for removing flood water as you can place the pump into the water and let it get to work, pumping out large volumes of floodwater. When purchasing products like Davey pumps, check that the pump will be powerful enough to move the water away. Maintaining water pressure can be a particular problem if you need to raise the water vertically out of the basement and then move it a substantial distance to a lake, storm drain, or wetland area. Moving water out of your property is often vital, but there can also be times that you want to bring water into your property, and pumps can be useful in that situation.

Bringing water into your home

When you take all of your household water from the mains supply, you may not think much about how the water reaches your tap. If you live somewhere that the water company doesn't connect to, the question will be much more urgent. If you live in a rural area and get some or all of your water from rainwater tanks or a borehole, you must have a way of bringing the water into your property. Pumps, such as Davey pumps, can be ideal for transferring water across your land and into your home. When choosing a suitable pump, don't forget that you may want to pump the water to the upper level of your home and it must arrive there at a pressure you can use for your shower or tap.

Protecting your home

Perhaps bringing water into your home isn't a problem. You may have plenty of water for day-to-day use, but that doesn't mean that water pumps can't be useful. If you live in an area prone to bushfires, having a petrol-driven pump that you can rely on to pump water even without electricity could be a great way to protect your home from the threat of fire.

Whatever way you are considering using pumps around your property, it is worth speaking to your local supplier of pumps. They will be best-placed to explain how each type of pump operates and how they could be used in your situation.