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2 Stunning Hard Landscaping Ideas Using Natural Stone For Your Garden

If you're revamping your tired garden, then you've no doubt spent plenty of time and thought planning out the new plants you'll add to the space. Clearly, plants are a vital component of a beautiful and modern garden, but they aren't the only elements that make a successful landscaping project. Hard landscaping is almost as important as the greenery and can help to complement and enhance the plants you choose.

While there are many hard landscaping materials to choose from, there are few that look as naturally beautiful and classically elegant as natural stone. If you'd like to add some style and character to your revamped garden, here are two stunning ideas using natural stone to consider.

1. Sandstone blocks

Sandstone blocks are a versatile and attractive way to introduce natural stone to your garden. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and provide a soft, warm and striking look in any style of garden. Sandstone is also great to work with because it's less dense and lighter than many other stone varieties.

Sandstone blocks can be used horizontally to create garden bed edging, low dividing walls or informal seating in different parts of the garden. They also look fantastic when placed individually in a vertical position, creating a chunky sculpture or a backdrop that provides contrast for an architectural plant.

2. Pebble pathways

Creating a pathway using pebbles is another excellent way to incorporate natural stone into your garden design. Pathways are a practical addition, helping to accommodate movement throughout the space that is able to be used in all weather conditions. They also serve an aesthetic purpose, separating the various spaces within the garden and leading the eye to different features.

Pebbles are a simple and cost-effective way to create a pathway. They don't require any major foundation work and can be kept in place with simple pre-made edging. Pebbles also provide excellent drainage, keeping your pathways mud-free and usable in wet weather. You can choose from several types of pebble, including river stone, granite and sandstone.

These ideas are only two of many hard landscaping options available using natural stone. It's worth paying a visit to your local landscape supplies shop to see the different materials in person to get a better idea of what stone varieties and forms will best suit your garden. You can also see the full range of different natural stone options that are available.