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Different Situations When You May Require a Land Surveyor

The determination of land encroachments, easements and boundaries is crucial to the general value of your property. Land surveys also help you avoid any legal costs that may arise down the road while offering you significant information concerning your investment. You may have heard about the importance of having a land survey done before the purchase of a piece of land or house. There may be cases of easement or encroachment that could affect the property value.

Additionally, you want to avoid spending more money on a property than you should while getting the most value for the property later if you ever sell. The most common type of survey you may have come across is a survey performed to settle boundary disputes. The type of survey you need will determine the role of the surveyor does and how long the survey will take. The following include different types of surveys you may require.

A Boundary Survey

A boundary survey is usually performed to determine property lines and true property corners. This is the kind of survey that settles disputes between two or more neighbours. The surveyor measures, marks and maps the border lines. He or she then examines historical records of the property and speaks to previous owners to obtain valid results. Based on these results, you can use the property as you need.  

Court Exhibit or Judicial Survey

Court exhibit surveys include the analysis of a number of legal descriptions and survey maps. These include records of existing field monuments and various physical features and maps on the same to be presented in a courtroom.

A judicial survey is a survey that has been requested or ordered by a court.

Elevation or Floodplain Survey

This type of survey is usually conducted by surveyors, contractors, engineers and architects so as to prepare construction plans. It usually marks out the height and how it relates to flood zones. Additionally, it can be used to check whether the land is located in a floodplain before purchase or use.

Lot Split Survey

This kind of survey is useful for property developers. A lot split survey will indicate how a developer will divide a piece of land into two smaller lots.

A Subdivision Survey

This type of survey is also useful to property developers and quite similar to a lot split survey, but the piece of land, in this case, is divided into more than two smaller lots.

A Route Plan Survey

This type of survey indicates where roads will pass through. When purchasing a piece of property, it is essential to know whether it has been marked for road use.