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2 Specialist Contractors You'll Need To Engage When Converting Your Home's Loft Space

Extending an existing home is a popular option for many Australian homeowners. It's a great way to increase the amount of living space you have at your disposal without the stress and expense of selling your home and purchasing a new one. Generally, extensions also add a significant amount of value to a home and provide a profitable return on your investment.

If you're fortunate enough to have a large loft space in your roof, transforming it into new living space is an excellent option. It will provide you with a lot of extra room without the expense of building an entirely new structure or eating up your external living space.

Converting loft space into living space will require the work of several contractors as well as the carpenters, electricians and plumbers who create livable space out of an empty shell. Here are two specialist contractors that you'll need to engage when embarking on this type of project.

1. Insulation contractors

Insulation is a vital component for creating a comfortable and energy efficient home. New build homes and renovations on older homes need to meet a minimum standard of insulation that's dictated by both federal and state governments. Before you can install new insulation, you may need to remove any existing insulation that is in the ceiling of your home, usually at the base of the loft space.

Insulation removal contractors will need to perform this task, as it can be a health hazard if done incorrectly. Some types of insulation can be removed manually, but others may need to be vacuumed out with specialised equipment. Once the old insulation is removed, your contractors can add new material to the roof line that will insulate the loft space as well as the rest of your home.

2. Window installers

Loft conversions also require light and ventilation to transform them from dark cavities into comfortable and functional living spaces. You'll need to hire a window installer to complete this aspect of the project to ensure that windows are water- and weatherproof and meet all health and safety requirements.

The type of window you choose depends largely on the budget you have allocated. Dormer windows are an attractive choice and are most like the windows you find in standard rooms in a home. They're also the most expensive option because they require more construction work to house them. For a more budget-friendly option, skylights that you can open and close for ventilation will allow plenty of light into your new loft living space.