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4 Reasons You Should Add a Wine Rack Cabinet to Your Kitchen

Wine is one of the most popular drinks in the country, but storing it can be a bit of a bother. With that in mind, you might want to fit your kitchen with a wine rack cabinet. Here are just four reasons why it's a good idea.

1. Easy to Organise

If you're the sort of person who appreciates a good glass of wine, you probably have a fair few bottles in your home at any one time. Unfortunately, they can be tough to organise. If you simply place them in a normal cabinet, you'll have to pull out those at the front to get at those at the back. Even freestanding racks aren't great since some labels will be obscured. A wine rack cabinet provides space for all bottles, and most let you pull the rack out of the cabinet on a rail to get a proper look at what's there.

2. No Accidental Breakages

If there's nothing better than a nice glass of wine at the end of the day, there's nothing quite worse than a broken bottle. For one thing, all that wine will have gone to waste. More importantly, you'll probably face a messy clean-up and potentially permanent stains, especially if the wine was red. Breakage is more likely when wine is stored outside cabinets since bottles can be more easily knocked over. Store your bottles in a rack that's behind a cabinet door and the risk of any such accidental drops dramatically.

3. Best Use of Space

When you try to store wine bottles in normal cabinets, you'll quickly find yourself running out of space. After all, wine bottles are quite tall and very hard to stack. If you have a section of kitchen wall without a cabinet, building a wine rack cabinet makes sense. Such storage eliminates dead space while providing an inconspicuous place for your bottles.

4. Perfect Conditions

Even people who never drink wine are aware that it needs to be stored right to avoid problems with taste once opened. Luckily enough, kitchen cabinets are an ideal place for your wine. Cabinets stay relatively cool throughout the day, and that constant mild temperature will help ensure the wine ages properly. They'll also keep your wine away from the light to prevent premature ageing and away from any humidity created by cooking. If you want your wine to taste as good as possible, storing bottles in a wine rack cabinet is a good idea.

For more information, get in touch with a cabinet maker.