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3 Reasons You Should Consider Fitting Glass Fire Doors

When people think about fire doors, they usually picture doors made from tough timber or metal. However, those aren't the only options available. In fact, you can also have fire doors installed that are made from glass. At first, that might sound like a fairly odd idea, but glass fire doors actually come with a strong range of benefits that cover everything from safety to aesthetic value. Here are just three reasons you should consider investing in glass fire doors.

1. Extremely Tough

The first thing you might think about glass fire doors is that they can't possibly be strong enough to prevent the spread of flames. For most people, this is as far as their thinking takes them, and they instantly dismiss the idea.

It's true that normal glass isn't appropriate for fire doors — it shatters when it reaches a certain heat. However, the glass used in a glass fire door will have been toughened to ensure it doesn't shatter under high temperatures. It will even stay transparent instead of fogging up. If safety is something you're concerned with when it comes to glass fire doors, shattering isn't something you need to worry about.

2. Fully Transparent

The most famous and appreciated characteristic of glass is that it is completely transparent, and that can be a huge advantage when it comes to fire doors. When the door is transparent, it's much easier to identify the location of flames and smoke, which means people can escape the building more easily. There's also far less chance of the door hitting someone just behind it when flung since people will be able to see each other on either side.

3. Modern and Attractive

Fire doors are absolutely necessary in commercial buildings, but that doesn't mean they'll ever actually be used. Most buildings will never experience a serious fire, so adding fire doors is really a case of 'better safe than sorry', as well as making sure the building is up to code. With that in mind, it makes sense to pick fire doors that are attractive as well as up to code.

In most cases, timber and metal fire doors don't look that great. They're very visibility safety doors that usually don't feel like part of the building's overall design. Glass fire doors can make the building look better even while making it safer, and they're a particularly good fit for offices who prefer modern, open designs.