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5 Great Things You Can Do By Opening Up the Space Beneath Your Stairs

If you have a staircase that has nothing but a wall beneath it, you might want to think about opening up that space. Your stairs can be reinforced to ensure they don't need much support directly underneath, so you can help eliminate dead space while adding to your property value and making more floor space.

This is a great home renovation project that comes with few drawbacks. Here are just 5 great things you can do with the space under your stairs.

1. Store Outdoor Gear

Things like mountain bikes, snowboards, surfboards, and stand-up paddleboards are often very hard to store. They're relatively bulky items, but it's most convenient to keep them close to the door. What better solution than designing under-the-stair storage space around them? There will be space to hang bikes from the stairs and hold just about any other outdoor toy you can mention. It'll be right by your door, but it'll also be out of the way.

2. Create a Home Office

Plenty of people want a home office but don't have anywhere to put one, so why not look under the stairs? Of course, you won't get the space of an entire room, but you'll have enough to place a desk under the stairs with an office chair that only slightly extends out into the hall. It's a great way to open up working space without invading other rooms.

3. Build More Closet Space

Keep in mind that your under-stair space doesn't necessarily need to be open. For example, you can turn that space into another closet. Open the door and you'll find a rail running along the bottom of the stairs, plus space for shoes and packing cubes along the bottom. This is a great option if you're struggling to fit your whole wardrobe in your bedroom.  

4. Create a Reading Nook

Under-the-stair space is ideal for bookshelves—you can even project them out from the underside of each step to create an eye-catching effect. This is great since most people with lots of books struggle to find a place for them. Better yet, you can even create a little reading nook by adding an inbuilt easy chair or daybed along the bottom of that space. If you're a bookworm, you'll love having your own dedicated space for exploring literary worlds.

5. Fit a Laundry Room

Most homeowners would love to have a washing machine and dryer, but it can be tricky to find a place for them. After all, they're rather large units. Instead of taking up space in your kitchen, slot your laundry machines beneath the stairs. They're usually the right size for it, and they'll be perfectly out of the way.

If you're interested in customizing the space under your stairs for one of these purposes, reach out to a home renovation contractor for professional help.