Completing Your Next Construction Job

How to Choose Scaffolding for Your DIY Projects

As a homeowner, you may decide to take on several home renovation projects on your own. These projects range from interior options to exterior upgrades. This means that you will need certain tools and equipment in order to cover all of the projects you will be taking on. One of the largest pieces of equipment you will need is scaffolding. Here are some ways to help you choose an option from the scaffolding for sale at most home improvement and construction supply stores.

Load Needs

The first thing you need to do is consider your load capacity needs. If you will be using the scaffolding for painting and other projects, and only you will be on the scaffolding, then the load capacity needed would be slightly above your maximum weight. If you will be using the scaffolding to hold yourself as well as heavy items, such as wood beams or roofing tiles, then you will need to estimate the capacity at a much higher rate. The load capacity alone will help you narrow down your choices greatly.

Expandable System

Some options will allow you to expand the scaffolding. This expansion can create an entire system that works around the main scaffolding component. These expansions can extend to the length of the side of your home, raise to several levels or work to carry items for you while you work. The expandable systems usually work as interlocking pieces that fit the main scaffolding then lock in place for safety. They also may or may not have wheels on the expandable pieces, but each piece will have some form of stability option for safety and security.

Additional Planks

You can also buy additional planks when you find scaffolding for sale. The additional planks can fit to the scaffolding platform and give you an extension to either side of the platform. These are usually used for holding items such as buckets, paint and other supplies. In many cases, these planks are not suitable for body weight and should not be used as an extension for standing or to add more weight to the main scaffolding section.

These are just a few of the ways to choose scaffolding from the options available to you. If you think you have narrowed down the type of scaffolding you will need, contact your local home improvement supply or construction supply. They can help with options they have in stock, pricing and delivery. They can help with warranty options as well.