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Various Things to Keep in Mind When Installing Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is one of the more sought-after options for homeowners due to their classic aesthetic appeal. However, a mistake some people make is considering the options that are available to them in accordance with the different price points. The reality is that the different types of timber species will have different characteristic features. Therefore, it would be best to know what features you would be most interested in before making a decision on what timber flooring would suit your residence needs. Below is an outline of the various features to consider when you are contemplating the installation of timber flooring.

Solid timber vs engineered floor panels

A misconception that some people have is that all types of timber flooring would be available in both solid as well as engineered panels. The truth of the matter is that although most natural wood species would be available to you in solid planks of timber, not all of them would be manufactured as engineered panels. Engineered panels comprise thin layers of wood that have been adhered together. As such, the species of timber used should be suitable for this type of cutting and assembly for it to be used for this form of installation. Determine the style that you would want before you can make a decision on what species would be suitable for you.

Hardwood vs softwood

Another consideration to keep in mind would be how hard you would like your timber flooring to be. The hardness of the wood would provide you with different qualities in your timber flooring. For instance, really hard timber flooring would be durable and resilient to heavy usage, as it would not easily succumb to dents and other forms of superficial damages.

On the other hand, soft timber would provide you with acoustic insulation in the room as the flooring would be capable of absorbing sound. It should also be noted that the harder the timber flooring, the louder it would sound when being walked on.

Pest resistance of the timber

Some species of wood are naturally resistant to pest infestations due to the natural oils they produce. A popular option for pest-resistant flooring would be teak as it would be able to repel a wide assortment of boring insects. Timber species that do not have this resilience would have to be treated on a regular basis, especially if you are installing this timber flooring outdoors.