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Common Reasons Why Your Garage Door Springs Break

Garage doors are an important part of people's daily lives, yet sometimes homeowners do not really notice that. However, if you have had some problems with your garage door, you know that it can be very frustrating, not to mention dangerous. It is common for garage doors to get worn out after a while, and that is why you should seek garage door services that are offered by a local repair shop. One of the major reasons why your garage door may not be functioning properly is if the door springs are broken. There are two types of garage springs: the torsion springs, which are common in most doors, and the extension springs. Read on to learn some things that may make your garage door springs break.


This is the major cause of broken garage door springs. Garage doors are unable to open and close smoothly because of rust since it hinders the springs from moving. It is thus important to try as much as possible to prevent rust from building up on your springs by ensuring that they are properly oiled throughout. You can easily tell when your springs have rust by the unusual sound that they may produce when opening and closing.

Extreme temperatures

Temperature changes always have a great effect on metals, which is the material used for making springs. You will find that during the transition between seasons, such as summer to winter, your garage door may start malfunctioning. It may either stop working at times or become very frustrating to operate. The springs are mostly affected by snow, so make sure that you clean off any residue on the hinges and springs so as not to have any problem. If the door stops working, do not force it as this can lead to serious injuries; contact your repair personnel to fix it.

Poor springs

This is a very common reason for broken-down garage doors and is mostly the case if you prefer to install the springs yourself. Sometimes shops that sell springs do not advise the best springs for your particular garage door, and for this reason, you may end up purchasing very low-quality springs that are prone to breakage. To prevent this from happening, leave all installations or repairs to professionals who specialise in broken garage door springs. However, if you believe that you can fix it, seek advice from a professional who will be able to direct you on what to purchase.