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2 Major Reasons Why Tree Removal Should Never Be a DIY Project

While owning a home does bring you a sense of financial freedom, being a homeowner does come with a host of responsibilities. And one responsibility that can be frustrating to homeowners is the seemingly endless costs of household maintenance and property repairs. Considering the fact that most people want to save money coupled with the myriad of online videos teaching individuals how to go about do it yourself projects, it is not that so far-fetched that some people may want to save money and engage in tree removal on their own.

However, this is a massive mistake. Tree removal is not simply about hacking down a tree but it involves several intricacies. This piece illustrates a couple of reasons why tree removal should never be a DIY project.

An arborist has gone through the proper training

Although tree removal may seem to be about bringing down a tree, it actually needs an understanding of both the biology of the plant and the physics of bringing it down. Trees have to be felled in a controlled environment. Thus, it is never advisable to take a chainsaw to the tree and assume it will fall in your intended direction. The first thing that arborists do is establish their preferred drop zone.

The arborist will then make several strategic parts on the tree and will utilise ropes to leverage the tree in the right direction. When you choose to engage in tree removal on your own, you stand the chance of serious injury from the tree falling in an unexpected direction.

An arborist will be equipped with the right tools

If you have a chainsaw, you may think that the only thing you have to do is rev it up and chop the offending tree. However, this is not the right way to go about tree removal. If you have not used your chainsaw in a while, it is likely that it is dull. Using a dull chainsaw to cut down a tree could result in your exerting excessive pressure on the tool, which increases the likelihood of losing control of it. Therefore, not only will you have not managed to fell the tree but also you probably will injure yourself with the chainsaw.

An arborist, on the other hand, will have the right skill set to handle the tree removal tools. Moreover, the arborist will have multiple tools to complete the job. A few of the other types of machinery that are employed during the tree removal process include wood chippers, stump grinders, an aerial lift and so on.

These are just a few reasons why it's better to allow tree removal services to do the job for you. To learn more about their services and their rates, start contacting local teams and compare quotes.