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Benefits of Using Engineered Flooring in a Flooring Renovation

One of the leading flooring upgrades for homeowners is to remove carpet and replace it with another flooring option. For many people, the flooring replacement is usually something that is easy to clean and gives a finished look. If this sounds like something you are planning to do, you may want to consider engineered flooring. Here are a few of the benefits to this type of flooring and what you need to know about the flooring option.

Real Wood Look 

One of the leading benefits to using engineered flooring is that it has a real wood look. Real wood flooring can cost a high amount and may be outside of your budget. If you want the look without the budget issues, then engineered options may be ideal. You can also get the different wood grains to fit your home decor. For example, you can have a maple look or heart of pine in one room and have a different option in another room. This can be ideal for many people who have living rooms and kitchens as well as bedrooms to renovate and want different looks for each room.


An issue for many homeowners is the durability of the flooring. This is especially true if you have high traffic in your home, children or pets. You want a flooring that can hold up to stains, damage and heavy traffic. Engineered flooring can meet these durability concerns. It is made of several layers of plywood and bonded together to give a more durable product. For example, if you drop water or another liquid on the flooring, it will not expand or swell. It also won't contract in colder weather. 

Refinishing Options

There may be a time when you want to change the flooring again. One of the benefits with engineered flooring is the ability to refinish the flooring. That means you can leave the flooring and simply refinish the surface. This can give you the ability to have a totally new look for the room without the high cost of having another renovation. That means you can lengthen the life of your flooring over other options such as new carpeting. 

If you are ready to begin your flooring renovation, and engineered flooring sound ideal, contact your flooring supplier. They can give you options, discuss the engineered floor that may be ideal for your specific home and needs and help with pricing questions. If you have additional questions, ask your supplier or flooring contractor for suggestions and information.