Completing Your Next Construction Job

Three Ways to Use Custom Industrial Grates

When you are looking for a simple solution to problems around your building, one option you should always consider is customised industrial grates. Industrial grates are one of the most versatile tools available for almost any purpose and creating custom industrial grates will allow you to produce the perfect grate for your purposes.

How can you use custom industrial grates?

While you may not think of grates as being useful on their own, they can be used for a huge range of purposes from trench covers, to mezzanine floors, wheelchair ramps and catwalks. Here are three ways that you could think about employing custom industrial grates on your company premises.

A custom access hatch

Most companies have areas that their staff need to visit often but which unauthorised personnel and visitors are not permitted to reach. If you have an area that needs to be off-limits for safety or security reasons, then using custom industrial grates to create access hatches is a great option. You can make the hatch whatever size you need and even have hinges and a lifting handle added to the hatch so that the new hatch can be quickly installed with the minimum of delay.

Covering a trench

If you have trenches or open drainage ditches on your property, then you could be exposing your visitors to unnecessary risk. Instead of leaving these areas open so that anyone could fall into them, why not fit custom industrial grates instead? Alternatively, maybe you need a grate to cover a concrete pouring or to form part of a new roadway? Whatever the specification you need for your new custom industrial grates, talk to your supplier. They will be able to make what you need.

Moving around your building

If your premises are starting to feel a little overcrowded, then why not use custom industrial grates to form part of an elevated walkway, new staircase, or even a mezzanine floor? By introducing elevated walkways or additional flooring, your staff will be able to walk around the building without getting in each other's way or banging into your equipment. Freer movement can only increase productivity and help your business grow.

To learn more about the way custom industrial grates could be used to help your business thrive, talk to your local supplier today. They will be able to explain the different types of grates available and how they can meet your requirements.