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Why Winter Is The Best Season For Gutter Upgrades

Winter has fallen across Australia and even the most ardent of gardeners and handymen have put down their tools on their pet projects around the home. The cold temperatures and short days are not that conducive for working outside unless absolutely necessary. However, there are a few notable exceptions, and one of those has to do with your gutter. If you have been thinking about getting your gutter upgraded for some time, then winter is the perfect time to have a residential gutter installation done on your home, and here are a few reasons why.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Summer is the rainy season in Australia, which means that it will be quite some time before your new gutter is tested by a major downpour. That means that you will be able to tell how it stands up to the lighter showers that occur during winter and can get any loose screws or awkward placement fixed up before summer arrives. It also means that the residential gutter installation is likely to go quicker because there are very low chances it will be delayed by any inclement weather. It is best to be prepared for an event rather than react to it after it starts occurring, which is why planning for torrential downpours should begin in winter.

New Models Announced

Because it is the intermediary period between busy seasons, many gutter installation companies are coming out with new and improved systems that are cheaper, lighter, more aesthetically pleasing or more efficient than ever before. You can also often get good discounts on already made models because it is a bit of a dead period for many companies. You can also find many great additions to your gutters, too, if you don't need the whole thing restored. A fascia cover installation might be more to your needs or perhaps a grate installed on top of your gutters.

Prepare For Bushfire Season

When living in Australia, you always need to be ready for bushfires, and summer is, again, the time of year when this becomes more of a reality than an afterthought. New gutters are much better at preventing the build-up of twigs, leaves and organic matter that can be turned into fuel for sparks during a bushfire event. If you haven't thought about your bushfire prevention plan and where your gutter fits into that plan, then now is the time to do so.

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