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Four Reasons Excavation Is Needed For Road Construction

Excavation is an important part of road construction. It's necessary to dig out dirt or other material from the site and create a level surface for building roads, sidewalks, and other structures. There are several reasons why excavation is needed for road construction:

1. Excavation Clears Out Old Road Materials

The first step in road construction is clearing out the old materials. If a road has been there for years and hasn't been maintained, it's likely that there will be dirt and gravel under the surface of the asphalt. This material needs to be cleared out so that new layers can be added on top of it. Excavation removes concrete and asphalt that have been damaged by weathering, such as cracks and potholes; it also removes debris and other materials that might be in the way of building a new road.

2. It Creates Grading Slopes For Drainage Purposes

This includes vertical slope cuts (called crosscuts) and horizontal slope cuts (called fills). Crosscuts are used to remove excess earth from the sides of a trench, while fills are used to build up the earth into mounds along the side of a trench. Both crosscuts and fills help ensure proper drainage during rainy seasons by directing water away from roadsides.

3. It Creates A Hole In Order To Install Pipes And Make Room For Utilities 

If there are existing utility lines under your proposed construction site, then you will need to excavate them so that they can be moved or replaced before building begins. This can be done by digging trenches along the route where pipes will be laid down or trenches can be dug around trees that need to remain standing in order to protect them from root damage caused by digging equipment.

4. Excavation Is Needed To Create A Level Surface For Road Construction

A smooth and level road surface is essential for safe driving. If the ground is uneven and bumpy, it can lead to accidents or injuries when travelling at high speeds. To build a road that can withstand heavy traffic, it needs to be excavated and levelled out so that there are no bumps or dips in the road. Excavation is needed to remove the top layer of soil, which is called backfilling. The material that is removed will be used as a base for the road and then compacted with heavy machinery.

To find out more about how excavation can be used to build a road, contact a construction company today.